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August 21, 2010 / pafmurray

Thank Heaven I Do Not Live In Pierrefonds

Are You Aware of the Garbage That Goes On Continually In Pierrefonds?

Here are some stories that appear upon the Gazette West Island site……

Did Pierrefonds Waste $75,000 (or more) On A Fiberglass Horse?

*               *               *

Censorship in Pierrefonds/Roxboro?

*               *               *

August Council Meeting Report

*               *               *

Did Pierrefonds Waste $7,000 , While Dorval Spent $0?

*               *               *

What Gives Mayor Worth the Right to Give Public Funds to a Private School?

This donation was followed up with another one to the private school in June!

*               *               *

Mayor Worth and Pierrefonds Actually Broke the Law (Twice)!

Unfortunately The Gazette had a problem, and part of the story that follows was deleted. When I first went to a Pierrefonds council meeting, I was refused my legal right to ask a question. At a subsequent meeting I was advised that in spite of registering to ask a question before others, I would only be heard last. Both of these are infractions against the Cities and Towns Act and one would expect (I think) that a municipal politician of 21 yrs would have an idea of what she could and could not do.

See part of the story here…

And then, there are heavy handed tactics when Mayor Worth is confronted with a question that she does not wish to answer:

See this link.

And here is what may be the worst example of Pierrefond’s  behaviour

See this other link .

Kindly forward this blog to all that you know in Pierrefonds/Roxboro


This link.

All of the preceding is in the personal opinion of the author.


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